The Best Houseplant Shops in Brighton and Hove

Last Updated: December 31, 2021

Having lived in Brighton and Hove for several years, we have come to love the abundance of incredible houseplant shops that are sprinkled around the city. Each with their own unique style and services, we have made the list of the best plant shops around Brighton so next time you’re in town you’ll know where to go!

Not only can we vouch for the quality of plants at each store, but we have always loved the teams working at each of them as they are more than willing to help you pick the best plant for your home and give you care tips to help it thrive.


Gunns Florist

Sydney St, Brighton BN1

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Located right in the heart of Brighton’s North Laine, Gunns is probably the best-known plant shop in Brighton, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The thing we love most about Gunns is every time you walk past, they have a new selection of incredible houseplants. We couldn’t imagine Brighton and Hove without them!


Between Two Thorns

Upper N St, Brighton BN1

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Between Two Thorns began as a market stall in Brighton selling flowers, but it then grew into an incredible store that we can’t help going in every time we walk past. Whether you’re looking for a specific rare plant or just something nice to fit in your home, Between Two Thorns has it all! Oh and the staff are incredible and lovely too so will help you pick out something suitable and show you how to best care for it too.

Tucked away a little behind the main streets of Brighton, this one is a secret gem that you can thank us later for!


Hi Cacti

Dyke Road, Brighton BN1

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This small boutique based in the heart of Seven Dials in Brighton specialises in easy to care for houseplants as well as south by southwestern home decor and botanical gifts. They really do have it all! So if you’re looking for the perfect plant or pot for your home or a gift for plant-loving friends, Hi Cacti is the place for you. Oh, and it’s a female-owned store that makes all of their concrete pottery themselves in a workshop in the North Lanes.



Church Place, Brighton BN2

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A recent addition to Kemptown is Understory and their ever-changing selection of indoor plants ranges from large statement plants, to trailing vines and easy to care for mini succulents/ cacti that are perfect for any tiny Brighton home. They also run workshops, sell homeware products and gifts made from Brighton-based creatives and will help give you advice on how to care for your beloved plants too!

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