Why are the flowers on my Peace Lily green?

Last Updated: December 31, 2021

Luckily green flowers on a Peace Lily doesn’t mean your plant is unhealthy or will die on your suddenly so aren’t something to be super super concerned about. Below you will find the 3 main reasons why Peace Lilies develop green leaves as well as ways to fix the problem.


One cause of green Peace Lily flowers is using too much fertiliser. We recommend using a water-soluble fertiliser at less than the recommended strength for your Peace Lily. Fertilise a few times during the spring and summer months and hold off completely during autumn or winter. This is because your Peace Lily will go quite dormant and not produce any growth during this time.

If you are fertilising more than this then it’s probably the reason behind your Peace Lily’s green flowers. If you fear the problem has been going on for a while, or you have mixed slow-release fertiliser into the soil then replace the potting mix entirely. If you use a soluble one then the fix is pretty easy – just don’t do it as much or as often.

Too much direct sunlight

Direct light is also a common cause of green Peace Lily flowers. Peace Lilies actually quite like shady spots in your home and will really struggle if they receive a lot of direct sunlight. This is especially the case in summer where the sun is a lot stronger. This coincides with when Peace Lilies will produce most of their flowers which is why they might be coming out as green.

If yous Peace Lily gets too much sunlight then it increases the rate of photosynthesis which shows the green pigments a lot more. If you want to stop this then we recommend moving your Peace Lily to a shadier place in the room, at least over summer and you should start to see white flowers popping up.

New flowers

The above are the main two problems which cause green Peace Lily flowers but there is also one more reason which isn’t a problem at all. When the flower is just starting to grow and show through it may be a tint of green as it is still very underdeveloped.

This is nothing to worry about at all and after a day or two as the flower matures it should turn white. If it continues to stay green the check the lighting and fertiliser to see whether these are the cause of the issue.

Green flowers on a Peace Lily aren’t a major thing to worry about if the rest of the plant looks healthy. Just watch out for any changes in the leaves which may indicate a more serious problem. You can find out more about Peace Lily care in our plant guide or learn more about caring for your houseplants in our downloadable ebook.

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