Top 12 Pink Indoor Houseplants

Last Updated: December 31, 2021

One thing we love more than houseplants is finding unique, rare and interesting varieties. If you want to bring a little splash of colour into your home, then these 12 pink houseplants are the ones for you! Yes, they really do have pink leaves believe it or not.

1. Pink Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plants come in all kinds of colours, from pink to green, white and red. We are obsessed with the pink speckled Polka Dot Plant as they aren’t a pain to look after and they can adapt to all kinds of light levels, even really shady corners of your home. These are the perfect houseplant for those looking for a little special something but don’t want a lot of faff to come with it!

Find out more about the Polka Dot plants in our care guide here. 

2. Calathea Triostar

There are so many Calathea varieties that before you know it, your house will be completely full of them. There are a lot of Calatheas with interesting veined and patterned leaves but the Calathea Triostar has to be our favourite. With an incredible red leaf underside, the Triostar has splashes of green, white and pink on every leaf. They stand out in a crowd and are also safe for children and pets so you don’t need to worry about that. 

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3. Moses-in-the-Cradle

This slightly rarer houseplant is an incredible find and is also a really low maintenance houseplant. It’s the perfect addition for those looking for something a little different but may not be looking for a challenging plant. The two things to note with the Moses-in-the-Cradle is that they need higher than average humidity levels (so you’ll need to mist it or buy a humidifier) and they are unfortunately toxic to humans and pets. 

If you want to know more, check out our detailed guide here. 

4. Pink Coleus Plant

If you’re looking for a houseplant with bright pink leaves, then look no further than this Coleus variety. There are hundreds of varieties of Coleus plants so you might need to look a little to find this bright pink one they are worth it in the end. They thrive in shadier spots and are one of the easiest plants to propagate so you won’t need to worry about gifts for friends and family for a while!

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5. Pink Air plant (Tillandsia Ionantha)

Similarly to Coleus plants, there are hundreds of different air plants which look very similar but have subtle differences. There are several varieties that have pink leaf ends, most notably the Tillandsia Ionantha which has striking bright pink leaves. As explained by the name, Air Plants are quite different from usual houseplants as they don’t need soil to grow in. Instead, misting and the occasional bath is enough for it to survive. 

Find out more about caring for Air Plants in our care guide. 

6. Pink Caladium

One houseplant type that’s definitely not boring is the Caladium. With their colourful heart-shaped leaves, Caladiums need high levels of humidity and moist soil. The strange thing about Caladiums is they drop most of their leaves during the dormant winter period. But don’t worry, they aren’t dead. Just continue to care for them and you’ll see plenty of new growth pink and colourful appearing in spring.

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7. Pinstripe Calathea

The Calathea Ornata has incredible pink strips on its leaves (hence the name Pinstripe Calathea). The most important thing to remember when caring for these incredible plants is that they shouldn’t receive any harsh direct light. This can not only burn the leaves, but it will also fade the pink stripes.

Check out our Pinstripe Calathea care guide to learn more.

8. Crassula Marginalis

Easy to care for and great for plant beginners, the Crassula Marginalis comes in both a green and pink variety. The most important thing to know about this plant is that it’s a succulent so will need a lot of sunshine and not a lot of water. Overwatering is the number 1 killer of Crassula Marginalis plants so a moisture meter is a good buy to ensure your plant is happy. We love the way the plant spills out of the pot, cascading down the sides. Oh and it’s super easy to propagate too!

9. Philodendron Pink Princess

This is definitely the most expensive plant on our list, and one that’s quite rare to find. But if you’re willing to spend the cash, then the results are definitely worth it. With striking bright pink splashes, the Philodendron Pink Princess is the queen of all pink houseplants. If you are thinking of buying the Philodendron Pink Princess then you need to be a little careful. Recently the Pink Congo Plant has been popping up around the world, aiming to be the next ‘Instagram plant’. However, the Congo Plant is pretty much a scam. They are injected with chemicals to turn the leaves pink and they will usually go back to green just months after. So if you do want this striking pink plant, make sure it is a proper Philodendron Pink Princess.

10. Pink Nerve plant

Similarly to Polka Dot Plants, Nerve Plants also come in a range of colours, most notably the pink variety. They have become pretty popular over the last few years and we have seen them popping up in plant shops around the world. It’s easy to fall in love with their incredible pink foliage and veined leaves but know that these plants aren’t always the easiest to care for. Direct light will very quickly wilt your plant and they need high humidity otherwise they’ll dry out very quickly. But if you can get the care routine down, these plants are definitely worth it.

Learn more about caring for your plant in our Nerve Plant care guide

11. Pink Chinese Evergreen

If you find that you are often killing your houseplants and you can’t seem to figure out why, then the pink variety of the Chinese Evergreen plant is the one for you. They are so hardy that they’ll thrive in any home so we recommend these a lot to plant beginners who are looking for something beyond the standard plants.

Check out our Chinese Evergreen care guide to find out more!

12. Calathea Whitestar

Although their name doesn’t suggest it, the Calathea Whitestar actually has a very pink tint to the leaves and is one of our favourite pink houseplants. Some Whitestar plants will have very pale leaves with a white/green tinge but more often than not the stripes will actually appear pink. Another great thing about the Calathea Whitestar is that it’s an air purifier so will actually help you get a good nights sleep. What’s not to love!

So those are our top 12 pink foliage houseplants! There are a mixture of plants that are easy to care for, and others that are either a little tricky to keep happy or difficult to get a hold of. It can become a little boring to just have solid green plants in your home so these are a great way to bring a splash of colour into your home and own something a little quirky! 

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