Iron Cross Begonia

Iron Cross Begonia Care

Begonia masoniana

Basic Iron Cross Begonia Care

Loved for their incredible leaf patterns, the Iron Cross Begonia is great for lovers of exotic foliage plants! They also sometimes produce flowers if in the right environment and given the right care!

Bright Indirect Light

I love the sunshine but too much direct light will damage my leaves.

Water Infrequently

I can be quite sensitive to root rot so be careful not to overwater me.

Medium Humidity

Please make sure the air isn't too dry, otherwise I won't be a happy plant.

Potting Soil

I need soil specifically for indoor plants as it retains the right amount of water.

Detailed Iron Cross Begonia Care Information

Whether you're looking to make sure your Iron Cross Begonia is in it's perfect conditions, or looking to see if one could work for your space. We've got you covered.

Iron Cross Begonia

Avoid any direct sunlight

The best spot for your Iron Cross Begonia is somewhere with plenty of bright but indirect light. Too much intense light can harm their incredible foliage but insufficient light will make them leggy and they won’t be able to produce flowers.

The potting mix needs to dry out between waterings

Iron Cross Begonias are quite sensitive to overwatering so you want to make sure that the potting mix has nearly dried out before watering again. The best way to know if it’s time to water is by using a moisture meter.

A little humidity boost goes a long way

Whilst Iron Cross Begonias don’t need a super humid environment, a little boost every now and again will stop them drying up and becoming crispy around the edges. The best way to do this is through misting using a spray bottle or buying a humidifier.

They prefer cooler temperatures

It’s important that you don’t put your Iron Cross Begonia in a really warm spot in your home as they prefer slightly cooler temperatures.

Only feed in the spring and summer months

As with most houseplants, you only really want to fertilise your Iron Cross Begonia during the warmer sunnier months. We recommend using a water-soluble feed once a month during the growth period. Make sure to dilute more than recommended to avoid possible fertiliser burn.

Propagate your Iron Cross Begonia through division

Although you can propagate a Iron Cross Begonia through leaf cuttings, we recommend going for the division method as it is more successful.

To do this you need to separate the plant and root system into several smaller plants. Make sure each section has a good amount of roots attached before placing into fresh potting mix and resuming normal Iron Cross Begonia care!

Iron Cross Begonias are toxic

Unfortunately, you will want to keep any small children or pets away from your Iron Cross Begonia as they are toxic. The roots are especially toxic but even ingestion of the leaves can cause stomach irritation.

Iron Cross Begonia FAQs

Quick and simple answers to the most common questions we see about the Iron Cross Begonia.

When thinking about how much or how often to water your Iron Cross Begonia, make sure that the potting mix has time to dry out between waterings. This will go a long way to preventing root rot and other issues caused by waterlogged soil.

You want to keep your Iron Cross Begonia well away from direct light as this can burn and scorch the leaves. However, if they aren’t getting enough sunlight it can also cause leggy and stunted growth. So it’s all about finding the right balance.

They definitely aren’t the most low maintenance houseplants out there as they can be a little fussy about the sunlight levels, watering and temperature. However, once you’ve found a good spot for your Iron Cross Begonia and have gotten into a good care routine, then you shouldn’t run into too many issues.

Yes unfortunately the Iron Cross Begonia is toxic so you want to keep them away from pets and children. The roots are the most toxic part of the plant but even ingestion of the leaves can cause stomach irritation.

Iron Cross Begonia Care Starter Kit

We've put together this great little starter kit that includes all of the equipment and information you'll need to take proper care of your Iron Cross Begonia.

Iron Cross Begonia

Common Problems with your Iron Cross Begonia

Here are some common issues that you might run into. It's important to diagnose any issues early to give your plant the best chance of bouncing back.

Aside from natural ageing, there are a few different causes of brown Iron Cross Begonia leaves. Firsly, a lack of humidity can cause them to become dry, crispy and brown but it can also occur if it is receiving intense direct sunshine.

Overwatering is a common problem for Iron Cross Begonias and can cause them to lose their leaves if the roots are damaged and the stems go soft. Check the potting mix and replace if waterlogged. Going forward cut back how much you are watering your Iron Cross Begonia, making sure the soil has dried out before watering again.

Leggy growth on an Iron Cross Begonia can indicate it is not receiving enough light and is trying to reach for more. Place your plant in a slightly sunnier spot in your home, avoiding any direct light.

Watering issues are the most common factor that can lead to your Iron Cross Begonia drooping. Check the potting mix for signs of either over and underwatering as both of these extremes can cause the stems on your Begonia to droop and look lifeless.

If there isn’t an issue with your watering routine, then extreme temperatures and environmental shock can also cause your Iron Cross Begonia to droop. We recommend monitoring factors such as light, humidity and temperature to ensure that the environment is right for your Iron Cross Begonia and this should help prevent your plant from drooping in future.

Iron Cross Begonia plants need warm temperatures to thrive and if exposed to cold air, they can start to develop curling leaves. It’s important that your Iron Cross Begonia isn’t too close to any drafty windows or doors as the cold air from outside can shock your plant and cause many issues including curling leaves.

If the issue is happening in summer, then it can mean that your Iron Cross Begonia is too close to an AC vent as it won’t respond well to a constant stream of cold air. Using a digital thermometer can really help to monitor temperature fluctuations and prevent any more curling leaves on your Iron Cross Begonia.

Simple Iron Cross Begonia Care Requirements

It sometimes helps to take caring for your plants back to the basics, here's the key considerations that you should take into account when caring for your Begonia masoniana.

These simple points should give you all you need to keep your plant happy and healthy for years to come.

Common NameIron Cross Begonia
Latin NameBegonia masoniana
LightBright Indirect Light
WaterWater Infrequently
HumidityMedium Humidity
Soil TypePotting Soil

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