Peace Lily Care

Last Updated: September 6, 2022

Basic Peace Lily Care

You’ll be very pleased to know that the Peace Lily can actually adapt well to a real range of light levels so are happy in bright light as well as low light corners of your home.

And when it comes to watering, they are pretty tolerant of soggy and dry soil and won’t die on you immediately if one of the extremes occurs. One thing to note is that they will droop down quite significantly when in need of water so that’s a good way to help establish a watering routine that works for your Peace Lily.

Below you will find our complete Peace Lily care guide to help you look after your plant and spot any issues that may occur.

Detailed Peace Lily Care

Peace Lilies can handle many lighting conditions

Although they’re native to brighter areas, the Peace Lily can handle a wide variety of lighting conditions. They’ll be happy in any spot, dim or bright. It’s worth noting however that they’ll only flower in brighter areas.

Watering your Peace Lily is easy

As they’re not particular picky, you can water your Peace Lily relatively sparingly. It won’t react badly if you miss a watering every so often. You can also just pop them in the shower once a week to clean the leaves off at the same time.

Ideal placement for your Peace Lily

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom that gets good light throughout the day, it would be the perfect spot for your Peace Lily. The added humidity from showers and running water will surely be appreciated.

Peace Lilies love humidity

Being native to the rainforest, Peace Lily very keen on high humidity. To make it easy you can simply mist the plant a couple of times a week, or even place it on a pebble bath. We have a great post all about raising the humidity for your plants if you want to find out more.

Peace Lilies are poisonous to pets

Watch out if you have have a cat or dog around as unfortunately Peace Lilies are toxic to dogs, cats and other animals! Pets that ingest the leaves will start to salivate and paw at their mouths very quickly, so give this one a miss if you have a pet in the house.

Average room temperature is perfect for your Peace Lily

One thing that makes Peace Lilies easy to care for is that they thrive in the natural temperatures of your home. Avoid placing it near any drafty windows or doors though as the cool air from outside can cause shock for the plant.

Propagate your Peace Lily through division of the mother plant

Unfortunately, Peace Lilies cannot be propagated from a leaf or stem cutting. Instead, the best way to propagate a Peace Lily is through diving the mother plant into several smaller plants. Make sure each section has a good chunk of the root system and be careful when separating the roots as you don’t want to cause too much damage.

Peace Lily Care FAQs

Common Issues for Peace Lilies

Although Peace Lily care can be quite easy, there are several common issues that happen if your plant isn’t fully happy with its care or environment. It is important to spot the warning signs so you know how to help nurture your plant back to full health.

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