ZZ Plant Care

Last Updated: September 5, 2022

Basic ZZ Plant Care

You’ll be pleased to know that the ZZ Plant is actually one of the easiest houseplants to keep happy. They can thrive in a real range of light conditions meaning they are one of the few plants that will be perfectly happy in the shady corner of your home you don’t know what to do with.

ZZ Plants also don’t need much water so are great for busy plant parents as too much water can very quickly cause a real range of issues. Below you will find all the information you need to properly care for your ZZ Plant.

Detailed ZZ Plant Care

ZZ Plants cope in a range of light conditions

Although they prefer bright indirect light, ZZ Plants will cope in low light areas of your home too. Just be careful not to put your ZZ Plant in direct light or this can burn and damage the leaves. Use a light meter to determine if your ZZ Plant is getting enough light.

Water your ZZ Plant every 2 weeks

ZZ Plants really don’t like soggy soil so it is best to be quite cautious when it comes to watering. Make sure that the top of the soil is dry before giving it any more water. We recommend watering your ZZ Plant no more than twice monthly and using a moisture meter to check when your plant needs water.

The natural humidity level in your home is fine

One great thing about taking care of a ZZ Plant is that you don’t need to worry worry about upping the humidity levels, they aren’t that fussy!

ZZ Plants are mildly toxic to pets

Try and keep your ZZ Plant out of the way of pets and children as they can be mildly toxic if ingested, causing vomiting and stomach irritation.

Wipe down your ZZ Plant’s leaves

We recommend misting the leaves with a spray bottle, or wiping them down with a damp cloth every so often so prevent the build up of dust.

Propagate your ZZ Plant by division or leaf cutting

The best way to propagate a ZZ Plant is by division of the mother plant. Carefully remove the plant from the pot and divide up the root system into several new smaller plants. Alternatively you can also propagate by leaf cutting but this will take a lot longer.

ZZ Plant Care FAQs

Common Issues for ZZ Plants

Although ZZ Plants are some of the least sensitive houseplants you can buy, it doesn’t mean they won’t occasionally display signs of unhappiness and stress. The most common issues for ZZ Plants are curling leaves, brown spots  or tips on the leaves or yellowing of the plant.

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