Sago Palm Care

Last Updated: August 6, 2022

Basic Sago Palm Care

Loved for its feathery foliage and easy care routine, the Sago Palm is the perfect plant if you want to bring some of the tropics right to your home. The great thing about them is they adapt well to a real range of environments, so perfect for that sunny window sill as well as slightly shadier areas of your home as well. It’s important to know that they are slow growers which to many is a real benefit as they won’t outgrow your space any time soon!

Avoid placing your Sago Palm in direct light

Sago Palms need bright but indirect light to thrive. Too much direct light will scorch the leaves and not enough sunlight will lead to a complete lack of growth and wilting leaves.

Water when the soil is dry to touch

You want to make sure that the soil on your Sago Palm doesn’t become too dry or soggy so keeping the right balance is key. Water less in winter to avoid waterlogging the soil and causing root rot.

Sago Palms love high humidity

It’s important you take some steps to boost the humidity levels around your Sago Palm. The easiest ways are misting the leaves, buying a humidifier or using a pebble tray.

Don’t let it get too cold for your Sago Palm

Sago Palms need slightly warmer temperatures and will struggle in anything dramatically below room temperature. Keep them away from any drafty windows or doors as the cold air from outside will shock your plant.

Propagate your Sago Palm by division (if possible)

If you don’t want to bother with seed propagation (we don’t blame you) your best option at propagating a Sago Palm is division. Sago Palms naturally cluster up to form baby palms which can be removed from the mother and propagated.

Sago Palms are extremely toxic

You want to keep your Sago Palm well away from any children or pets as even the smallest amount can be toxic if ingested. Seek medical attention if ingested as there are many side effects.

Sago Palm FAQs

Sago Palm Common Problems

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