Zebra Cactus Care Guide

Last Updated: September 5, 2023

Basic Zebra Cactus Care

Named after their white striped leaves, Zebra cacti are very easy for care for. They pretty much thrive from being forgotten about. Here you will find all the information you need to properly care for a Zebra Cactus.


Bright Indirect Light

I love the sunshine but too much direct light will damage my leaves.


Water Infrequently

I can be quite sensitive to root rot so be careful not to overwater me.


Medium Humidity

Please make sure the air isn’t too dry, otherwise I won’t be a happy plant.


Draining Soil

I like a mix that includes peat moss and perlite as these prevent my roots from becoming water-logged.

Zebra Cacti like bright, indirect light

Your Zebra Cactus loves the sunlight as they are from the succulent family. However, it is important that you do not place your Zebra Cactus in direct sun as this will scorch the leaves.

Adjust your watering according to the season

Your Zebra Cactus won’t need watering very much over the winter months, every two months will suffice. In the warmer, summer months make sure your Zebra Cactus has fully dried out in between watering otherwise this will quickly lead to root rot.

Never let the crown get wet

It is important that when you water a Zebra Cactus, you don’t let the rosetta / crown get wet as this will encourage the plant to rot, especially in slightly cooler temperatures where the water will not soak through or evaporate.

Don't worry about humidity levels

Luckily, your Zebra Cactus isn’t fussy about humidity levels. They do, however, like fresh air so make sure you ventilate the room by opening the windows regularly or using a fan.


Only fertilise your Zebra Cactus in summer

Use cactus fertiliser to feed your plant once a month during the growth period of spring and summer. You don’t need to fertilise in winter as the plant goes into a dormant period.

Zebra Cacti don't like cold temperatures

When caring for a Zebra Cactus, it is important that you place them in a warm spot in your home. They will struggle with anything below 15 degrees celcius so make sure they aren’t placed next to any drafty doors or windows.

Propagate a Zebra Cactus using its offshoots

It is very easy to propagate a Zebra Cactus as they start to produce little offshoots as the mother plant matures. Carefully slice off one of the plantlets, keeping some of the roots attached and place in water for a few weeks. Once the root system has matured slightly more, your plant is ready to be repot into soil.

Your Zebra Cactus is safe for pets and humans

Another thing we love about a Zebra Cactus is that it is completely safe for pets and humans in the case of accidental ingestion.


Common Problems with your Zebra Cactus

Here are some common issues that you might run into. It's important to diagnose any issues early to give your plant the best chance of bouncing back.


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