Schefflera Care

Schefflera arboricola

Basic Schefflera Care

Schefflera Plants, also known as Umbrella Plants, are easy to care for and striking in every room. Below you will find all the information you need to care for your Schefflera including basic care tips as well as how to diagnose and treat common problems.

Bright Indirect Light

I love the sunshine but too much direct light will damage my leaves.

Water Moderately

I don’t like my soil to be too dry or too soggy. Little and often is what I’m after.

High Humidity

I thrive in humid environments so please mist my leaves every so often.

Potting Soil

I need soil specifically for indoor plants as it will retain the right amount of water.

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Detailed Schefflera Care

Whether you're looking to make sure your Schefflera is in it's perfect conditions, or looking to see if one could work for your space. We've got you covered.

Schefflera like bright, indirect light

Although they can deal with a range of light conditions, we recommend putting your Schefflera in a bright spot that doesn’t receive too much direct sunlight. It can adjust to lower light levels but you will notice the growth is slower and more spaced out.

Schefflera plants need rotating every month

Your Schefflera will begin to lean towards the light so rotating it every few weeks will help keep it stable and looking even.

Check the soil before watering

Schefflera don’t need to be watered a huge amount and will not mind at all if you forget every so often. They don’t like their roots to be sitting in water so just make sure your check your Schefflera’s soil before watering.

Boosting the humidity is not a necessity

Your Schefflera will do just fine with the natural humidity levels in your home. If you do want to boost the humidity, we recommend misting the leaves every other week or using a pebble tray.

Schefflera prefer warmer temperatures.

During the winter months, your Schefflera may struggle if the temperature in your home drops too low. We recommend making sure that your Schefflera isn’t sat next to an AC vent or drafty doors/windows as this may cause your plant to go into shock and lose a few of its leaves.

Schefflera are toxic to pets and humans

The sap inside your Schefflera’s leaves is mildly toxic to humans and pets. Try to wear gloves if repotting or handling your Schefflera and keep it out of the way of your furry friends or children.

Fertilising your Schefflera is totally optional

You can have a happy and healthy Schefflera without fertilising it. However, if you do want to boost growth, you can do this by giving it soluble fertiliser a couple of times over the Spring and Summer months.

You can propagate a Schefflera using stem cuttings

The simplest way to successfully propagate a Schefflera plant is to use stem cuttings. Carefully cut off part an offshoot of the stem, or the top part of the plant with clean sharp scissors. Make sure it has part of the stem rather than just a leaf as roots will establish themselves quicker. Place in clean water to begin with until roots have formed. Then root into potting soil and continue usual Schefflera care.

Schefflera Care Starter Kit

We've put together this great little starter kit that includes all of the equipment and information you'll need to take proper care of your Schefflera .

Common Problems with your Schefflera

Here are some common issues that you might run into. It's important to diagnose any issues early to give your plant the best chance of bouncing back.

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Dropping leaves on your Schefflera may be due to shock. If you have recently moved or repotted your Schefflera don’t be alarmed if a few leaves drop off.

Also pay attention to the light levels as insufficient sunlight be also cause your Schefflera to lose some of its lower leaves as it focuses its energy on producing new growth.

You can find out more in our journal post about why your Schefflera is losing leaves.

Drooping leaves are usually an indication that you are watering your Schefflera incorrectly. Check the moisture in the soil to see whether it is soggy or dry and adjust your watering accordingly.

We have written a guide on drooping Schefflera leaves with more information.

If you notice that your Schefflera’s leaves are turning yellow, this is probably due to watering issues.

You may be either over or underwatering your Schefflera so check the soil moisture and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Brown leaves on your Schefflera can be quite a complex issue as there are many things that may be causing this. We have written a whole post on this to help you diagnose why your Schefflera is developing brown leaves.

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