Money Tree

Money Tree Care

pachira aquatica

Basic Money Tree Care

The Money Tree is a great tropical looking houseplant, that is actually super easy to care to for and can live for 10 – 15 years if properly maintained. They originate from Mexico but are very common throughout the world due to their ease of care.

Bright Indirect Light

I love the sunshine but too much direct light will damage my leaves.

Water Moderately

I don't like my soil to be too dry or too soggy. Little and often is what I'm after.

High Humidity

I thrive in humid environments so please mist my leaves every so often.

Potting Soil

I need soil specifically for indoor plants as it retains the right amount of water.

Detailed Money Tree Care Information

Whether you're looking to make sure your Money Tree is in it's perfect conditions, or looking to see if one could work for your space. We've got you covered.

Money Tree

Perfect Money Tree Lighting Conditions

Ideal lighting conditions for the Money Tree are medium to bright indirect light. So steer away from keeping yours directly in the window.

Artificial Lighting and Money Trees

It’s common for the Money Tree to adapt to fluorescent lighting, making them great for the office.

Proper Watering for your Money Tree

It’s a good idea to water your Money Tree until it’s completely hydrated – you can tell when water starts to appear in the saucer. Do make sure it isn’t sat in too much excess though as this can quickly become a breeding ground for root rot.

Humidity Requirements for your Money Tree

Being from a more tropical climate, the Money Tree does have a preference for higher humidity levels. Make it easy by misting your plant down during the colder dryer months.

Fertilisation and your Money Tree

As with most houseplants, we recommend feeding your Money Tree once as you go into the growing seasons (spring / summer) with a water based plant feed at half of the package dosage.

Pet Friendly

Money Trees are actually safe for pets, so you shouldn’t have to worry if you’re bringing one home!

Money Tree FAQs

Quick and simple answers to the most common questions we see about the Money Tree.

Not only do Money Trees look great, but they are really easy to care for as well and adapt to a wide range of environments. 

You want to try and make sure that your Money Tree is receiving indirect light. Keep them away from intense direct light as this can scorch the leaves. They can adapt to some lower light environments but growth will be slower.

Money Trees are non-toxic and completely safe to have around your home. 

When grown indoors, Money Trees will typically reach about 6-8 feet. They can, of course, become a lot larger when grown outdoors in their native environment. 

Money Tree Care Starter Kit

We've put together this great little starter kit that includes all of the equipment and information you'll need to take proper care of your Money Tree.

Money Tree

Common Problems with your Money Tree

Here are some common issues that you might run into. It's important to diagnose any issues early to give your plant the best chance of bouncing back.

This is a pretty straightforward fix so don’t worry too much! You’re likely overwatering your Money Tree so just let it dry out a little more in-between waterings. If you’re sure that isn’t the case, it could be that the humidity is too low, try misting your Money Tree down once a week with a good spray bottle.

The most likely issue here is under watering, which is a pretty easy fix. If you’ve only just received your Money Tree dropping leaves could just be a sign of it adjusting to its new environment.

If your Money Tree is drooping, it’s most likely getting overwatered. Let it dry out a little before your next watering and find a schedule that works so that the soil is never dry but also doesn’t stay wet.

The leaves of the Money Tree can sometimes wrinkle up if the plant isn’t getting enough water, make sure you don’t let the soil completely dry out. The leaves should return to normal once you get onto a good watering schedule.

Simple Money Tree Care Requirements

It sometimes helps to take caring for your plants back to the basics, here's the key considerations that you should take into account when caring for your pachira aquatica.

These simple points should give you all you need to keep your plant happy and healthy for years to come.

Common NameMoney Tree
Latin Namepachira aquatica
LightBright Indirect Light
WaterWater Moderately
HumidityHigh Humidity
Soil TypePotting Soil

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