Hoya Carnosa Care Guide

Last Updated: June 13, 2022

Basic Hoya Carnosa Care

Also known as Wax Plants, the Hoya Carnosa is a great easy to care for houseplant that also sometimes produces some sweet flowers if given the right care. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to keep your Hoya Carnosa happy!


Bright Indirect Light

I love the sunshine but too much direct light will damage my leaves.


Water Infrequently

I can be quite sensitive to root rot so be careful not to overwater me.


Medium Humidity

Please make sure the air isn’t too dry, otherwise I won’t be a happy plant.


Draining Soil

I like a mix that includes peat moss and perlite as these prevent my roots from becoming water-logged.

They can deal with a range of light conditions

Hoya Carnosa plants are great as they thrive in most light conditions. The only thing to avoid is really intense direct light during summer as this can scorch the leaves. They can also adapt to lower light levels but most probably won’t bloom. Bright but indirect light is ideal.

Water infrequently but deeply

Hoya Carnosa plants are succulents meaning they store water well. You don’t want to water your plant often, but when you do make sure it gets a real drink. Be wary of watering before most of the soil has dried out or this can cause root rot.

Avoid temperature extremes

The Hoya Carnosa plant is a happy plant when in average room temperature of 18-24C. Keep this plant away from cold drafts, AC vents or radiators as these temperature extremes will affect your plant’s health.

Give the humidity a boost occassionally

Hoya Carnosa plants will do absolutely fine in the average humidity of your home. Give them a mist or use a pebble tray every once in a while to give the humidity a boost but they will be absolutely fine unless the air in your home is super dry.

Only fertilise in spring and summer

Feeding your Hoya Carnosa is totally optional as they can do just fine without it. However, if you do choose to feed your Hoya Carnosa then use a water soluble fertiliser at half strength once a month during spring and summer. Don’t ever feed your plant during winter as growth is dormant.

They can produce fragrant flowers

If given the right care, mature Hoya Carnosa plants will produce some fragrant flowers! They do sometimes excrete sticky nectar which can stain furniture so be a little careful about that.

Propagate your Hoya Carnosa through stem cuttings

The most successful method of propagating a Hoya Carnosa is through stem cuttings. Make sure the cutting has at least one node (where the leaf and stem meet) as this is where the new roots will grow from. Place in water and after a few weeks you should start to see roots develop. Make sure to regularly switch out to water otherwise it will stagnate and your chances at a successful propagation will drop.

Keep Hoya Carnosa plants away from pets and children

Unfortunately, the sap found in Hoya Carnosa plants can cause skin and stomach irritation so we recommend keeping small children and pets away from them.


Hoya Carnosa FAQs

Quick and simple answers to the most common questions we see about the Hoya Carnosa.


Common Problems with your Hoya Carnosa

Here are some common issues that you might run into. It's important to diagnose any issues early to give your plant the best chance of bouncing back.


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