Lucky Bamboo Care

Last Updated: August 9, 2022

Basic Lucky Bamboo Care

Originating from Asia, you can choose to grow Lucky Bamboo in either a vase filled with water or in well-draining soil, they will thrive in both!

Lucky Bamboo plants are great low-maintenance options to bring a little bit of greenery into your space. They don’t need constant tending to like most other houseplants and will happily thrive in their water for several weeks at a time without you needing to lift a finger. This makes them the perfect plant for busy or novice plant parents.

Below you will find out the complete Lucky Bamboo care guide with everything you need to know!

About the Lucky Bamboo

Believed to bring good luck, the Lucky Bamboo is the ideal houseplant for those wanting to bring a little bit of greenery indoors, but who just don’t have the time or skill to give it much attention. The Lucky Bamboo thrives off being neglected and as long as they have enough sunlight and some warmth, they’ll happily live for a very long time. You can choose to grow them in either well-draining soil or a vase filled with water. The latter is great for forgetful waterers as there’s no risk of them drying out!

You can continue the gorgeous swirls on your Lucky Bamboo plants by simply rotating them every once in a while. The plant naturally grows towards the sunlight so you can use this to create the twists.

Detailed Lucky Bamboo Care

Lucky Bamboo thrives in anything but direct sunlight

The ideal amount of sunlight for a Lucky Bamboo is bright but indirect but they can also adjust to medium levels of light too! The number 1 rule is just to keep them away from too much direct sunlight (especially in summer).

Lucky Bamboo grow in water and soil!

The great thing about Lucky Bamboo is that they grow really well in either a vase filled with water or a pot with well-draining soil. So it’s up to you how you grow it. This is what makes them quite unique in comparison to pretty much all other houseplant types.

Water well and keep it fresh

If growing your Lucky Bamboo in water, keep the potting mix somewhat moist by watering little but often. If you are growing your Lucky Bamboo in water only make sure to change out the water weekly to avoid it stagnating.

Use filtered water for your Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo can be quite sensitive to the amount of fluoride and other chemicals found in tap water. If you live in a particularly hard water area then we recommend using rain water or purified filtered water to avoid any issues.

Lucky Bamboo like warm temperatures

When caring for Lucky Bamboo it’s important you keep them in the warmest rooms in your home. They don’t like to be near drafty windows or doors as the cold air from outside can shock the plant and damage its health in the long term.

Propagate using a stem cutting

It’s super easy to propagate Lucky Bamboo as you just need to take a stem cutting and place it in water. Change out the water every week as you usually would and roots will start to grow.

Lucky Bamboo are toxic to pets and humans

You want to keep your Lucky Bamboo away from pets and children as they are mildly toxic if ingested so you don’t want anyone nibbling on them whilst you aren’t looking!

Lucky Bamboo FAQs

Common Problems with Lucky Bamboo

Even though Lucky Bamboo plants are often pretty fuss-free, this doesn’t mean that they won’t come with a few issues every now and again. But don’t worry, we will help you spot the warning signs and help you treat the issue to bring your plant back to full health again.

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