Jade Plant Care

Last Updated: August 14, 2022

Basic Jade Plant Care

There are two things to remember when caring for a Jade Plant. Firstly, they love sunshine and can’t get enough of it (be wary of hotspots though). This makes them a great plant for that sunny spot many of your other houseplants might not have been able to handle. The second thing to remember is that they have very delicate roots so are very sensitive to root rot. Water sparingly and make sure that the pot and soil have good drainage.

To learn more about what your Jade Plant needs outside of water and light, you’ll find everything you need to know below…

Detailed Jade Plant Care

Jade Plants need full sun

It is important that your Jade Plant gets at least a few hours of direct sunlight each day. If you are lucky enough to have a south-facing window in your home, we definitely recommend placing them near that to maximise the exposure each day.

Good drainage is vital

Jade Plants like it if the soil is moist but not damp and they hate sitting in water. This means you need to ensure your pot has good drainage holes and you have added perlite into the soil mix. During winter, you need to reduce the amount of water as this can easily lead to root rot in colder temperatures.

Keep the leaves of your Jade Plant dry as you water

It is important that you do not splash the leaves whilst watering your Jade Plant as this can lead them to rot so make sure to water directly into the soil from a narrow spout.

Jade Plants prefer warmer temperatures

Although they will survive in slightly cooler homes, Jade Plants thrive best in environments at or above room temperature. Don’t worry if your room sometimes drops below 10°C in winter as your Jade Plant will still be able to survive, but growth will be minimal.

Low humidity levels are best for Jade Plants

Jade Plants thrive best at humidity levels of around 30%-50%. Never mist your Jade Plant as they need their leaves to be dry to avoid rot. You can find out more about humidity levels and percentages in our humidity guide.

Use a water soluble fertiliser

Throughout the warmer months of spring and summer you may want to fertilise your Jade Plant to encourage growth. We recommend using a weak water-soluble fertiliser once a month during the growth period, and none at all during autumn and winter.

Jade Plants are sensitive to tap water salts

We recommend you filter the water for your Jade Plant if you live in a hard water area. This is because they can be quite sensitive to salts that are in your tap water.

They don’t mind being a little pot bound

Frequently repotting your Jade Plant is not a necessity, they won’t suffer too much by being root bound so you might only need to repot every few years or so. When you do though, make sure you repot in spring so it can settle into its new home during the warmer months.

Jade Plants can flower if neglected

If you do want your Jade Plant to produce flowers, do not repot too often so that the plant becomes quite root bound and keep the soil quite dry. This will encourage the plant to produce little white flowers.

Propagating your Jade Plant couldn’t be easier

You can propagate a Jade Plant straight from a leaf cutting. Place them straight into a cacti or succulent potting mix and after a few weeks they should start to produce little roots and grow into a mature new mother plant.

Keep your Jade Plant away from your pets

Jade Plants are toxic to both humans and pets so it is important you keep them away from small children as well as your dogs and cats.

Jade Plant Care FAQs

Common Issues for Jade Plants

Although the requirements for taking care of a Jade Plant are quite clear, this doesn’t necessarily mean it always works out in practice. There are quite a few common issues that occur so its important to know the warning signs and act quickly.

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