Hoya Linearis Care

Last Updated: September 5, 2022

Basic Hoya Linearis Care

These somewhat rarer plants are one of our favourite cascading houseplants and you’ll be pleased to know they aren’t the most difficult plant to care for. There are a few key things to remember though to keep your Hoya Linearis happy. Firstly, keep them away from any direct light during spring and summer. Whilst they can handle some direct light in winter when the sun is weaker, any intense sunlight will dry out and burn the leaves.

The next thing to remember is to cut back on watering significantly during the winter darker months as it will take a lot longer for the potting mix to dry out and Hoya Linearis plants are sensitive to root rot. Below you’ll find everything you need to help your Hoya Linearis thrive.

Detailed Hoya Linearis Care

Avoid direct light

You’ll want to put your Hoya Linearis in a spot with bright but indirect light. Too much direct light can dry out the plant.

Cut back watering a lot during winter

During the warmer summer/spring months, you’ll want to water frequently but still allow the top part of the soil to dry out. In winter, water monthly to stop the plant from drying out completely but it won’t need too much more than this.

They can tolerate a large range in temperature

Hoya Linearis plants aren’t super fussy about temperature, just avoid the extremes caused by direct light, radiators, drafty windows or air conditioning vents.

Use a humidifier to boost humidity

Hoya Linearis plants need medium to high levels of humidity to stop them drying out. We recommend investing in a humidifier to keep a nice constant humidity level.

Never fertilise at full strength

Hoya Linearis plants are sensitive to overwatering so you want to make sure to dilute the fertiliser more than the recommended amount. We suggest feeding your Hoya Linearis twice a month during spring and summer to support with growth. Cut back completely during winter as your plant will be dormant.

Hoya Linearis don’t mind being root-bound

One thing you don’t have to worry about too much is repotting your Hoya Linearis. They don’t mind being a little rootbound so only need repotting every few years.

Propagate through stem cuttings

The easiest way to propagate your Hoya Linearis is through stem cuttings. We recommend wearing gloves as the sap that is released when the stems are cut can cause skin irritation.

Keep away from children and pets

Whilst technically Hoya Linearis plants are non-toxic, the sap in the leaves can cause irritation.

Hoya Linearis Care FAQs

Common Issues with Hoya Linearis

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