How to propagate a Snow Queen Pothos plant

Last Updated: August 26, 2022

Loved for their variegated leaves and relatively easy care requirements, there’s no wonder that the Snow Queen Pothos is taking the houseplant world by storm right now.

Propagating them is also super simple so whether you want to make your plant bushier, expand your urban jungle, or gift cuttings to friends and family, this Snow Queen Pothos propagation guide is the right thing for you!

How to propagate a Snow Queen Pothos using stem cuttings

This is the main method of propagating Snow Queen Pothos plants as not only can you do it on less mature plants, but it means you don’t have to take a large chunk out of your Pothos as you do with division. Below you’ll find our detailed step by step to make sure your propagation is a success.

  1. Locate a healthy vine or two

    Choosing a healthy part of your plant to propagate is the most crucial thing when it comes to stem cuttings as if you start off with a part of the plant that is unhealthy, this will only get worse and your propagation will likely be unsuccessful. Avoid any sign of disease or pests as they will be transferred onto your new cuttings.

  2. Make the cut 

    You want to use clean scissors/ shears or a knife to make the cut to avoid passing on dirt or any infection to the cuttings. Make sure that the section you are cutting off your Snow Queen Pothos has at least one node as this is where the roots will grow out from. You’ll see small stubby roots growing out of each node, or feel a bump in the stem on less mature sections of the vine.

  3. Fill up a container with temperate water 

    Next, you want to fill up a glass with fresh water to place your Snow Queen Pothos cuttings into. We like to use a transparent container as this lets you not only see the roots growing which is pretty cool but it helps you spot any issues early. 

  4. Place your cutting(s) into the water

    Make sure that the nodes on your Snow Queen Pothos stem cutting are sat in the water so that the roots will start to grow out from them. You might need to trim off the lowest leaves if these are in the water as they’ll begin to rot.

  5. Change out the water regularly 

    Once you’ve found a good spot to grow your Snow Queen Pothos cuttings in (bright but indirect light) then the only thing you need to do now is refresh the water every few days. This keeps the water free from bacteria and stops it from stagnating which is harmful to your cutting.

  6. Be patient 

    Luckily Snow Queen Pothos plants are fairly quick at growing roots compared to a lot of other houseplants types, so you should start to see some small roots coming through after a few weeks.

  7. Plant your cuttings into fresh potting mix

    Once the roots on your Snow Queen Pothos cutting are a few inches long, it’s time to pot them into fresh potting mix. Carefully place your cuttings a few centimetres into the soil, making sure not to damage the newly formed roots as they can be quite delicate.

  8. Resume usual Snow Queen Pothos care

    That’s everything – your Snow Queen Pothos propagation is complete! You can now begin to care for your new plant as you would your mother plant and it’ll be long enough to propagate again in no time!

How to propagate a Snow Queen Pothos through division of the mother plant

If stem cuttings isn’t for you, then you might also choose to propagate your Snow Queen Pothos through division. Although this is easier, quicker and less risky, it does require a fairly mature and bushy plant. This is because you will be removing entire vines to form new plants.

  1. Take your Snow Queen Pothos out of its pot

    To propagate your Snow Queen Pothos through division, you need to be able to locate the various vines and separate out the roots. Take your plant out of its pot carefully, trying not to damage the leaves or root system. You want to make sure to detangle any roots that have started to grow out of the drainage holes at the bottom as otherwise, these will tear if you tug your plant out.

  2. Locate the various natural divisions

    The best way to locate the various offshoots is by following each individual vine and loosening the roots around it. Each vine will have its own root system and will be able to be separated. Then you need to choose how much of the plant to separate, and how many plants you actually want to end up with. This has no implication on the propagation process so just depends on your and your plant. 

  3. Place each new plant in fresh potting mix

    If the roots on your Snow Queen Pothos sections aren’t very mature you may choose to grow them in water for a few weeks. However, we tend to always go straight into potting mix when propagating Snow Queen Pothos through division.

  4. Continue normal Snow Queen Pothos care

    Your propagation through division is complete! Keep an eye on your new plants for a little while to make sure that everything has gone as planned but you should now begin to care for them as you did your mother Snow Queen Pothos plant. 

Snow Queen Pothos propagation FAQs

Check out our Snow Queen Pothos care guide to find all the information on how to continue to care for your cuttings once they have matured.

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