How to propagate a Marble Queen Pothos

Last Updated: August 26, 2022

With their marble patterns and heart-shaped leaves, the Marble Queen Pothos is an incredible cascading plant that takes centre stage in every room that it adorns. Whether you are looking to make your mother plant fuller, or simply create new plants, propagating the Marble Queen Pothos is easy. In this article, we will go through each of the methods you can use to propagate your Marble Queen Pothos. We will also share our top tips to help you along the way.

How to propagate a Marble Queen Pothos using stem cuttings

This is the main method of Marble Queen Pothos propagation as it’s suitable for all maturities and lengths of Pothos plants. No matter how long the vines on your plant are, you can create a few new ones from just one short stem cutting.

  1. Locate the vines you want to propagate

    Avoid using a part of the plant that is showing any sign of disease or pests as they will be transferred onto your new cuttings. Ideally, you want to locate a stem that has several healthy nodes and leaves. A node is the joint in the stem where the root would grow out from. You will often see a small root growing out of the vine of your Marble Queen Pothos, or a small bump on less mature areas of the vine. 

  2. Make the cut(s)

    Make a clean cut across the stem making sure that each cutting has one or more nodes. 

  3. Prepare fresh water to grow your cuttings into

    Make sure the water is at room temperature to avoid shocking or burning the cuttings. You might also choose to use purified water to avoid your cuttings being affected by high levels of chlorine or fluoride. A great way to do this naturally is to leave the water out for 24 hours to allow the chemicals to evaporate. 

  4. Place your vine cuttings in water

    Make sure that the nodes on your Marble Queen Pothos stem cutting are sat in the water so that the roots will start to grow out from them. But you want to avoid placing too much of the cutting in water as this can lead it to rot. 

  5. Find the right place to grow your cuttings 

    Place your glass in bright but indirect sunlight in a spot that also gets enough warmth and isn’t exposed to any cold drafts. 

  6. Get into the habit of refreshing the water

    One of the most important steps in the Marble Queen Pothos propagation process is to switch out the water in your glass regularly. You want to be doing this every few days.

  7. Now you wait

    Luckily all Pothos varieties are fairly quick at growing roots and after a week or two, you should start to see them popping through. If the process is taking a little longer, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a success. Things can just be a bit unpredictable so just make sure your cuttings are getting enough light, warmth and fresh water and you should start to see roots soon.

  8. Plant your cuttings into fresh potting mix

    Once the roots on your Marble Queen Pothos cutting are a few inches long, it’s time to pot them into soil! Carefully place your cuttings a few centimetres into the soil, making sure not to damage the newly formed roots as they can be quite delicate at this point. 

  9. Resume usual Marble Queen Pothos care

    With the right care, soon your new cuttings will be long enough to propagate again! 

How to propagate a Marble Queen Pothos through division of the mother plant

This method of propagation is best for more mature plants that have plenty of vines cascading down. But it’s a great way to propagate your Pothos plant if you don’t want to wait weeks and months for cuttings to grow.

  1. Remove your Pothos from its pot

    In order to propagate your Marble Queen Pothos through division, you need to remove your plant and separate out the roots. Be careful when you do this so that you don’t damage too much of the root system.

  2. Locate the various natural divisions

    Each of the vines will have its own root system and can be separated out to make a new plant. 

    Shake off the potting mix around the roots so you can see the entire root system clearly. A good way to loosen the soil is to run your fingers through the roots to start to separate them.

  3. Separate your plant

    You may have to trim off the odd root here and there if they aren’t detangling easily but you should be able to carefully pull the sections and vines apart from each other. It’s at this point that you need to decide how many new plants you want to create. 

  4. Place each section in fresh potting mix

    Pop your mother plant back into its original pot (or downsize slightly if you have taken away a substantial amount of the original plant). Then pot your new Marble Queen Pothos plant(s) into fresh potting mix.

  5. Continue normal care

    It’s as easy as that. Within minutes you can create new Marble Queen Pothos plants through this method. All you have to do now is find a good spot for them to grow. 

Marble Queen Pothos propagation FAQs

We hope you have found this complete guide to Marble Queen Pothos propagation useful. As long as you follow the right steps you can have plenty of success with this propagation as these cuttings are slightly less sensitive than a lot of other houseplant types. 

Check out our full Marble Queen Pothos care guide to find all the information on how to continue to care for your cuttings once they have matured.

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