Cast Iron Plant Care

Last Updated: August 21, 2022

Basic Cast Iron Plant Care

If you’re looking for a striking but low-maintenance houseplant, then the Cast Iron Plant is your perfect match. They are actually one of the few houseplants that thrive from almost being neglected (hence the name) as they like the occasional watering and can adapt to almost every light level (direct light should be avoided). So wherever you have a little space in your home that needs brightening up with some greenery, we always recommend the Cast Iron Plant.

Detailed Cast Iron Plant Care

They’re super easy to keep

The great thing about Cast Iron Plants is that it’s one of the easiest plants to keep. They can deal with a huge range of environments with no issues.

Cast Iron Plant lighting needs

The Aspidistra is one of the least fussy houseplants when it comes to lighting conditions. They’re more than happy with a shady spot, just keep them out of bright direct light.

Keeping the leaves lush and green

To make sure that the leaves stay lush and healthy, make sure to keep the humidity a little higher. To make it easy just spray the leaves down with a misting bottle every few days.

Cast Iron Plant watering

As with lighting requirements, the Aspidistra is really not fussy. Make sure that your pot isn’t holding in excess moisture to avoid root rot, but don’t worry about missing the odd watering.

Keeping the leaves clean

Just like any other plant with larger leaves, the Cast Iron plant will definitely appreciate having its leaves dusted off once in a while. This will just allow it to ‘breathe’ a little better.

Cast Iron Plant Care FAQs

Common Issues with Cast Iron Plants

Although they have the reputation of being impossible to kill, you might notice a few issues crop up from time to time so it’s important you know what to look out for and how to get your Cast Iron Plant back on track.

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